Top-notch Manual Application Testing Services.

Advantages of Manual Testing – Quick Facts

Manual application testing is the safest testing method that enables you to develop and deploy a bug-free, high performance application. In fact, manual testing is the most effective method when it comes to some types of testing such as interface testing, user acceptance testing, installation and error handling, usability testing and security testing.

Manual testing helps you to even identify minor errors which the automated testing process may miss to identify – and know that some minor errors can do significant damage in the long run.

Step by step manual application testing not only reduces the cost of application/software deployment and maintenance but also minimizes the risk of deploying poor quality application/software which could result in user backlash.

One of the biggest advantages of manual testing is that testers use and test the features of the applications in the same way as the end users would, which in turn helps in identifying expected behavior of the users and getting flaws fixed if any – this sort of testing cannot be done perfectly by automated testing method.


We offers top-notch end-to-end testing services across industry verticals including Healthcare, Retail, IT, BSFI, Telecom, Logistics, Security, Data Center, Mobility, Energy and more. Our testers are highly trained and skilled and have vast experience handling a wide range of testing projects. These seasoned testers help us to provide our clients top-class testing services.

We deploy agile methodology for manual testing and follow structured processes and best practices which help us to rationalize the test spend and also to identify defects early in the life cycle which results in shortened SDLC.

Our Service Offerings:

  • Test Strategy and Planning Test Strategy and Planning
  • Test Cases Creation and Maintenance Test Cases Creation and Maintenance
  • Current Testing Procedure Assessment Current Testing Procedure Assessment
  •  Performance Testing Performance Testing
  • Automation Testing Automation Testing
  • Black Box Testing Black Box Testing
  • White Box Testing White Box Testing
  • System Testing System Testing
  • Unit Testing Unit Testing
  • Integrated Testing Integrated Testing
  • Acceptance Testing Acceptance Testing
  • Static Testing Static Testing
  • Release Testing Release Testing
  • Dynamic Testing Dynamic Testing
  • Software Testing Software Testing
  • Deployment Testing Deployment Testing
  • Grey-box Testing Grey-box Testing
  • End-to-end Testing End-to-end Testing
  • Regression Testing Regression Testing
  • Configuration/Compatibility Testing Configuration/Compatibility Testing
  • Database Testing Database Testing
  • Load Testing Load Testing
  • Multiple Device Testing Multiple Device Testing

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