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"Entire world will be online by 2020." - Eric Schmidt, Chairman of Google

In this age of mobile web/Internet, Internet users are quick and impatient. You get only few seconds to grab their attention, in this scenario – two things are keys to online success:

  1. High online visibility of your brand - so that the potential customers can see your brand's content/mentions repeatedly which results in brand awareness.

  2. Creating content/mentions that are persuasive enough to grab their attention.

You should be able to reach your target audience at the right time, at the right places on the web (sites/platforms and relevant search engine results) and with the right content and approach.

What if we say we can run a highly impactful, ROI-focused Internet/Digital Marketing campaign to achieve the above explained goals cost-effectively? Yes, the digital marketing team at Technousa consists of seasoned digital marketing experts who have proven track record of running effective digital marketing campaigns and delivering great results.

If your Internet marketing efforts are not yielding results – it's high time you took steps to build your digital presence the right way.

If your company has less or no internet presence, then most probably you are lagging behind your competitors.

If you feel your company is not tapping the full potential of the ever-growing internet market place – It's time to let our experts kick-start and manage your company's digital marketing campaign.

Whatever the status of your digital presence may be, our team is capable of taking it from there and building a huge digital presence that will deliver perpetual results. Sounds good? Let's get started.

How to get started? - Our Process


Have a look at our service offerings below and decide whether you want to go for a full-fledged digital marketing campaign or want to pick only a service (say, SEO or social media marketing) to start with.


Once decided hit the consult button above or below this page to fill the quick form. Our digital marketing consultant will get back to you within 1 business day. Alternatively, you can call us on - US & Canada: 001 (716-941-7348) UK & Europe: +44-020-3002-7885 India: +91-011-47097432


Once you discuss your project with our consultant and give us the required details, we'll submit a digital marketing proposal along with the custom quote soon or you may let us know your budget - we also offer tailor-made, budget-friendly Internet marketing solutions.


Once the proposal gets accepted and you decide to get us on-board, our team of digital marketing experts will work with you and gather inputs. They will also do an in-depth study of your business, current digital presence, your market, target audience & competitors. Our team will also do a thorough analysis of your website/app.


After this phase, our experts will work out implementable strategies and submit a digital marketing plan. Our team will also address all your queries. After getting your approval, we'll proceed to implement the plan.


You'll receive monthly/weekly performance reports and our team will also be available to communicate with you over phone, email or Skype chat anytime during business hours.

Our Service Offerings:

  • Search Engine Optimization Search Engine Optimization ( SEO )
  • Social Media Marketing Social Media Marketing ( SMM/SMO )
  • Paid Marketing Paid Marketing ( SEM/PPC/Adwords, Display Network)
  • Online Reputation Management Online Reputation Management
  • Email Marketing Email Marketing
  • Content Marketing Content Marketing
  • Conversion Rate Optimization Conversion Rate Optimization ( CRO )
  • Website Architecture Design/Website Optimization Website Architecture Design/Website Optimization
  • Mobile Marketing Mobile Marketing
  • App Marketing App Marketing
  • Landing Page Design Landing Page Design

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